Types of Safes

Need help choosing the right safe for your home or office? Find out what kind of safe is right for you.

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hz-34-2newBiometric Safes

Leading the way in Safes Production and Innovation, fingerprint safes offer outstanding security using unique I.D. markers.

BUYaSafe.com offers you a wide selection of easy to use biometric drop safes, burglary safes, and pistol boxes; only from the best Safe Manufacturers in the world.

Best selling finger print safes include solid Grizzly Biometrics Pistol Boxes, the 100-user capacity Grizzly Gun Vault, the clever design of HZ series fingerprint safes from Protex Safe Co., and the popular Secure-Logic fingerprint wall safe.

Burglary Safes


We are proud to offer you a full line of Burglary Safes made out of steel, with b-steel door, and precision locks. Our Burglary Safes are presented on our website in a range of sizes with custom options and extras available to satisfy any customer. You will find Safes with fingerprint access, digital pads, dial locks etc. Our Burglary Safes will protect your irreplaceable documents, cash, jewelry, guns and anything else you deem worthy of hiding in your Safe. For added peace of mind and security, our Burglary Safes include anchoring holes for bolting safes to the ground. Burglary Protection Safes are made using drill and cut-resistant metal door and walls. Burglary Safes offer great protection against thieves, but usually not very effective in the case of fire.


One thought on “Types of Safes

  1. In my point of view biometric safes are best. Because no one can open it without your finger prints or your biometric signs. I have a biometric safe in my office and I am happy that I feel safe with it.

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