Safes for Home and Office

Every home should have a safe in their home that is fire, water, kid and burglar safe. You can also utilize a safety deposit box at your bank for your valuables, property papers, passports, back up files, or any other types of document you need to store in a safe place. However, if you are too far from the bank to get there in a hurry or the bank is closed, it is important to have a locking safe at home or in the office.


Using both types of safes, home and in-bank, will give you double piece of mind in case of a disaster that destroys your home.


Different Types of Safes


  • A fire safe protects documents in case of fire or other natural disasters. Secure wills, birth certificates, auto and mortgage titles, cash and handguns in your safe. Add convenience with a home safe. Your valuables are still close at hand.
  • A burglar safe is much more secure than the average fire safe. Both types of safes have a particular gauge of steel, locking systems and other security features.
  • A standalone safe locks security with any combination dial, electronic keypad or key. These are usually larger safes and take up a great deal of room in our home or office.
  • Install a floor safe in a concrete floor. The door is removable, but the body of the safe is permanent and cannot be moved. Floor safes are usually hidden and out of sight. A hidden floor save adds another level of security.
  • Wall safes are great for hiding documents, cash and valuable. You simply have them installed in an inconspicuous wall. Wall safes usually offer very little or no fire or water protection. Most wall safes need to fit building codes because of the weight, and they may be too small to store too many items.
  • Every home that has a gun needs a gun safe. If you have children in the house, you must get a safe. Gun safes are becoming more and more popular as storage areas for valuables, pictures, digital backups, media as well as guns. They offer great protection for valuable collections. Research gun safes in many different sizes, security levels, and fire-resistance ratings. They are usually heavy and may need to be store on a concrete floor in a basement.
  • Commercial safes are great for every business. There is always something of value that needs to be securely locked away in your office. Keep documents, media, cash, patents, employee information or just about any type of item that runs your business in a commercial safe. You can time your commercial safe into an alarms system or let it only open at certain times. Insurance companies require you have a safe in your office to protect insured items.


Let your safe be the place where you store your irreplaceable documents from fire and theft. Provide you and your family peace of mind when you are away. Keep your valuable possessions out of sight plus store anything of value in your safe.


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