Tips in Buying a Safe

It would be silly to assume that your prized possessions are 100% protected from fire, flood, or burglary once you pick the best-selling safe at the nearest home depot. Never fall for this false sense of security – be a discerning buyer by considering the following fool-proof tips in choosing the best safe for your home.

  1. Start by identifying which precious items you need to keep in the safe.

Do you need to store gold jewelry, guns, cash, documents or irreplaceable heirlooms? There are many options to handle these items securely. For instance, you may choose to store cash in drop safes, drop boxes, cash boxes, or personal safes. Browse from extensive safe options online and let functionality, security features, and preference guide your choice.

  1. Determine how much space you need to store your valuables.

If you intend to keep weapons, precious jewellery, and other hard-to-replace documents, you had better examine whether the safe’s size and interior (compartments, drawers, light, etc.) can store up all these valued belongings together or separately. Always settle for a safe that is bigger than you think you need. Decide what other essential features your home safe must have and come up with a checklist.

  1. Identify all the safe’s specifications that you require.

Free yourself from unavoidable remorse by spending some time evaluating the critical features you need in a home safe. Inspect the size and weight, construction and wall thickness, locking mechanisms – mechanical dial vs. digital locks, bolt operation and layout, fire protection, door seals , hinges – external and internal, interior layout, water and flood protection, as well as interior lighting of the safe before buying. A 60-minute serious evaluation will give you years or even lifetime of enjoyment of the purchase.

  1. Decide what type and degree of protection you need.

A safe wizard knew better than common buyers. Become one by securing a fire-proof, water-proof, and burglar-proof home safe. How many hours can your safe stand the flames? Will flooding take away all your hard-earned possessions? Are your personal treasures well-guarded from burglars by advanced electronic locking system and sturdy steel construction?

  1. Determine the placement of the safe in your home.

Think like a burglar or like water. Where are they likely to inflict damage? Take a tour around your house and select the best spots to hide your safe with your valuables. If you are not planning to move in a new house, the floor and wall are suitable installation spots. Some would suggest installing them as air vent, bedroom mirror, or book shelf. Some anxious home-owners even go as far as buying a decoy-safe with cheap jewellery to throw thieves off the scent.

  1. Consider different brands of safes before you buy.

Most people may not readily admit but we are ingrained to be brand-conscious when it comes to deciding on a purchase. Once a brand earned our loyalty, we usually stick with it. Make sure you don’t fall for this bias by checking out what other safe brands have to offer.

Cost should be the last thing on your mind. You want to ensure that you are investing on the right safe that secures not only your precious possessions but also your peace of mind – possibly for a lifetime.