Create A Fall-Free Environment For The Seniors At Your Home

Falling from heights often result in admissions in hospitals and in fatal cases, deaths. The elders in our society are prone to falls. It has been found out that one out of every three senior citizens suffer from fall-related injuries each year. As per records of 2012, over 1.6 million senior citizens had to undergo emergency treatments for injuries from falls.

There are several reasons why old people are prone to falls.

Diseases – Senior citizens are likely to be suffering from a lot of age-related diseases, like arthritis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Such diseases result in weakness of the human body, impaired cognition, imbalance and poor grip. All these conditions can pose great risk when old people try walking down steps.

Hazards in the environment – The elderly people often experience falls due to hazardous atmosphere in a home, including loose carpets and rugs, poor lighting in a room and dearth of safety equipment.

Medications – Due to diseases, old people are almost always on strict medications, most of which are strong. Anti-depressants, anti-psychotic drugs and sedatives are amongst some of the strong medications that are used to treat elderly people. While, such medicines help them to survive, they also come with side effects like drowsing. Plus, with several medicines taken at the same time, an old person can be at a risk of feeling dizzy and prone to falling.

Operations – With age, bones become fragile. That is why elderly people are prone to breaking of bones. Hip surgeries and bone replacements are very common among aged people. After such surgeries, elderly people never really get back the complete grip on their bones.

Hazy vision – Age has a huge impact on vision. With impaired vision, old people often cannot see the obstructions in their way and result in a fatal fall.

Having seniors at home comes with a lot of responsibility, almost as much as having toddlers at home. Here are some useful tips to increase their security.

  • Install handrails, safety and grab bars around the house, including stairs and bath area.
  • Provide strong in risky areas, including stairwells.
  • Keep a check to ensure that there are no electrical wires trailing around the nooks and on the floor.

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