Implement Every Nook and Corner of Your House to Hide Away Your Valuables

An average burglar does not take more than 12 minutes to ransack a house and robbing away your valuables, as many as he can. While installing home security products is always recommended, implementing practical ideas is also useful. Concealing your valuable items in unpredictable spots in your house can leave at least some of your precious items unscathed, should there be a major intrusion in the security of your house.

Burglars always target the master bedroom to rob the most valuable things in your home. And, more often than not, they do succeed. Let’s face it. We all love storing our jewelry, liquid cash and other precious things in our bedrooms.

Then comes the living room. This space is often loaded with expensive electronic gadgets. So, clearly, the less prominent places for burglars include mudrooms, laundry room, kitchen and hallways.

Here are some tips on how you can store away your valuable items from intruders.

Wall Art

It does not take to be an artist to have some wall arts on our walls, does it? Every house has one or two wall paintings. You can use the spots where you hang paintings to conceal items. Consider making secret shelves behind paintings.

Old Vacuum Cleaner

If you have already gotten rid of your old, bulky vacuum cleaner, you can easily get one at a yard sale for a few bucks. You can use the large compartment as a safe.

Air vents

Some houses have air vent storage units running throughout the length of walls. Burglars will never think of searching the long vents for precious jewelry. Consider concealing your valuable items in these units.


Most of our daily items come in cans or jars. Instead of disposing the cans after using them, you can clean them and use them as compartments to safe-keep your small valuables. These days, you can also find locks and safes that resemble such jars and cans. They can come really handy in securing the things that are dear to you.

Closet Lights

We all are aware of the closet lights that help us search for small items in our closets. These lights can actually prove to be more useful rather than just providing light.


Acquaint Yourself With Neighborhood Watch Programs

Neighborhood Watch programs for tackling burglary have gained prominence in the recent past. A number of law enforcement agencies collaborated to raise awareness about preventive measures for burglaries. They are responsible for making Neighborhood Watch programs popular among common people. Such programs have encouraged people to show active dedication towards their neighbours in fighting burglary cases.

Neighborhood Watch plans require citizens to come forward and work together with police officials to gain success. Apart from high-end home security systems, these programs have proved to be extremely successful in reducing number of burglary cases.

The concept of a Neighborhood Watch program is to encourage every individual to keep a watch on others’ homes by being alert of the people visiting a locality. Such programs, by no means, mean that citizens of a community need to take over the law. The scheme is all about informing the police in case anyone notices any suspicious activities in their localities.

Such programs have been found useful in a number of ways, apart from preventing crime.

  • Enhanced and frequent communication with neighbors
  • Improved terms and relationships with neighbors and local police
  • A stronger sense of safety

Neighborhood Watch programs have proved to be effective since they successfully reduce the possibility of a crime. It is better to deter misdemeanors by keeping a watch rather than expecting that there will be a change in the criminal mind. Organizing such a program can help in reducing home burglaries to a great extent.

It is no rocket science to initiate a Neighborhood Watch in your locality. It is all about involving as many people into the plan as possible. One of you needs to take a stand and initiate the plan. You could consider assigning jobs to each member in your program. This would ensure participation of everyone. Since watch programs like these could go a long way in triggering intruders and suspicious activities taking place in a locality, it is very important to know your neighbours very well.

One of the major benefits of being involved in Neighborwood Watch programs is that you get to openly advertise about it on signs and posts outside your house. Intruders immediately take the hint and move away.

Importance Of Fire Alarm Systems

If there is anything worse than a ransacked house, it definitely is a burnt house.

Fire can cause irrevocable damage to a property. With a fire threat looming on a property, the people around are put into a predicament as well. Fire can cause life threatening situations for people residing in a house. Now, when we get into comparisons, a possibility of a fire-stricken house is indeed better than the possibilities of a house being affected by unpredictable tornadoes. You can adopt measures to make sure that your house is least likely to be fired up.

With rising popularity of things like smoke detectors, one need not worry. All you need to make sure is that your smoke detectors are working properly. Responsibility of such technological devices is to alert a home owner once it finds smoke in a room. Having a fire extinguisher around can take it after that. These days, it is mandatory for every house to have a fire extinguisher.

Till now, we discussed about the standard fire deterrents in a house. We know for a fact that fire mishaps still manage to find their way. How is that possible? In reality, presence of smoke detectors and fire extinguisher are not enough to ensure that your house is under a low risk of catching fire. You need something more. You need to think beyond the standard fire-safety measures. Walk the extra mile. Install a high-quality fire alarm system. Read further to understand how a fire alarm system makes all the difference.

Only the people, who have ever survived a fire mishap, can understand the danger of being in a fired up house. It does not take fire burns much time to spread. The situation can go beyond control very quickly. It becomes imperative for every member in a house to get out of the house. Only after they manage getting out of the house, they can inform the fire department.

A fire alarm is designed to monitor a house 24*7. When it detects an emergency situation, it automatically informs the fire department.

It is very important for you to choose the right fire alarm system for your house. Only go for well-known brands. 

Stay Safe In Hurricanes

Hurricanes can be as unpredictable as break-ins. Unfortunately, hurricanes cannot be deterred like burglaries. This comprehensive infographic shows how you can stay safe when there is a hurricane headed to your town.

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