Beware Of Burglars’ Tactics

It would be foolish to believe that burglars are dumb. Most often, burglars are sharp-minded individuals, adept in invading even the most secure houses. Some of them would not even think twice before hurting any innocent crossing their paths when they are in the middle of burgling a house. Hence, anti-burglar tactics should never be planned casually.

Another misconception is that burglaries take place only at night. A house stands at a risk of being burgled whenever its occupants are out. Burglars often prefer invading a house with senior citizens since they have restricted mobility.

Most house owners try to make their houses as secure as possible. However, some of the tactics often backfire since burglars think two steps ahead. Here are the tactics that burglars usually use.

Luring dogs

Having dogs, safeguarding a house, often works. However, one must realize that dogs can be lured with food items like sausages. There have been instances when burglars have slipped rat poison or some other dangerous drug into meat and offered to dogs. Such events can be prevented by having dogs trained by professionals and teaching them not to accept food from strangers.

Monitoring the lights

Having a house lit up from inside may give an impression to outsiders that a house has occupants, but it is definitely not an economical idea. Also, burglars will be able to understand if the lights inside a house are on just for the sake of it if they see them on for an abnormally long time. So, it is recommended to use timer switch that would have the lights on every other hour. Installing a motion sensor is ideal since it switches on light when there is some kind of movement.

Using business flyers

It is not recommended to accept business cards or pamphlets from strangers. There have been instances when burglars have laced such flyers with chloroform or a similar chemical substance to make a person feel dizzy. That is how they can easily get inside a house, rob away valuable and steal cars.

Taking advantage of ‘Away’ messages

It is not wise to leave messages outside houses letting people know that you are away. Inform neighbours, relatives and friends over the phone about your plans.


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