Tips To Deter Burglary With Careful Use Of Social Networking Sites

Growing prominence of social networking sites has increased their significance in our lives. Updating statuses, checking in at places and uploading pictures are all a part of our lives now. While such activities may give us pleasure, they could also pose serious threats to the security of our houses.

The check-in feature offered on Facebook and similar features in other sites make our connections aware of our whereabouts in real-time. It takes no special sense to understand how risky this kind of information could be if leaked out to unreliable, criminal minds.

There have been plenty of gambits to spread awareness regarding the risks posed by such features. Everyone must go easy with tweeting pictures from their exotic getaway vacation or sharing weekend plans on Facebook. They can actually serve as perfect recipes for theft at your empty house.

Social media sure is a trendy way to stay connected with all your friends and relatives. One can still enjoy such features by adopting certain precautions.

Privacy settings

Every social networking site comes with this option. Facebook has tweaked its privacy settings a number of times lately, only to make it better and less complicated to understand. It is recommended to keep privacy setting to ‘Only Friends’ and not ‘Public’. Tech-savvy burglars would not find it difficult to hunt down your house once they spot any check-in information on your Facebook profile. Also, once a burglar finds you dumb enough to update a check-in ‘Public’ly, they will be tempted to pay your home a visit.

Tagging options

This is yet another feature that can pose a risk if you do not take precautions. Even if you are careful enough not to check-in in a particular occasion, your friends can tag you to a check-in post. This can easily be taken care of by turning on ‘Tag Review’ option on Facebook and make changes in your ‘Maximum Timeline Visibility’.

Friend list

Having school classmates, former and current colleagues and casual acquaintances on a Facebook friend list is pretty normal. Updating some of the most personal details of your life and sharing them with people, who you hardly talk to, can be a foolish way to use the social media platform. It is recommended to keep your friend list clean and updated.


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