Break-Ins At Celebrity Houses

The rich and famous individuals are normal people like others. Their profession puts them under spotlight all the time. While we would like to say that in a good way, it is not always that good. Grabbing attention of burglars could and has ended up in ransack of many a celebrity house.

In this article, we list some of the most popular break-ins at celebrity houses.

Bon Jovi

Everyone is aware of how Bon Jovi is fond of his outfits and jewelry. Not too long ago, a person named Tracy had managed to break into Bon Jovi’s home and went away with jewelry worth $100,000. However, Tracy was not smart enough and was caught shortly after the burglary. It was found out that Tracy and his group had taken a house nearby Bon Jovi’s $22 million estate to keep an eye on him and look for the right time to break in.

LL Cool J

One time LL Cool J was woken up from his sleep at 2.00 in the morning by some noise in the kitchen at his Los Angeles apartment. When he came down and found the burglar, both of them engaged in a fight. According to the statement of Sergeant Frank Preciado of the Los Angeles Police Department, LL Cool J was successful to have the suspect in custody with his physical strength.

Steve Jobs

One of the most interesting burglaries in celebrity homes is the one that took place in Steve Job’s house. The thief had managed to get his hands on Tiffany & Co. Jewelry worth $60,000, Cristal Champagne and Steve Job’s wallet. He also took off some of the iconic gadgets that Jobs had created, including Macs, iPhones, iPods and iPhones. He was caught the very next day with the help of the same technology that Jobs had helped in creating.

Nicolas Cage

Cage was once awakened by a naked trespasser. According to the statement of Cage, at 2 in the morning, he found a naked man wearing his leather jacket and eating Fudgesicle. Even though the incident did not lead to any injury or harm, it prompted the actor to look for another place to live.


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