Ways Adopted By A Burglar To Break Into a House

Irrespective of the image that we have of a burglar in our mind, he is really an average looking individual dressed in regular clothes, just like any of us. The average-looking person is, however, quite adept in breaking into a house, any house.

There is absolutely no time in a day when a home is immune from burglaries, since there is no standard practice that burglars follow. Most of burglary cases that were reported to the US Department of Justice in the year 2009 included forcible entry. 32.6% burglars were able to find an easy way, while the others tried foiled attempts.

The ideal way to handle burglars is to pre-empt their plans with confirmed preventive measures. Burglars often look search for or at times they make specific characteristics and situations to break into a house. One must be acquainted with such tricks to prepare themselves for a burglar-attack.

Find a perfect target – Homes with no sign of anyone returning anytime soon are usually perfect targets for burglars. Signs of life are likely to discourage burglars are strategic lighting, TV on timers, and homes appearing occupied during wee hours. Such tricks usually deter a burglar from entering a house. Lights must be on timers. 24/7 lights make it evident that a house is empty.

Find a hiding spot – Even during the broad daylight, it is possible for burglars to look for places to hide. Full-length shrubberies and thick trees near houses are perfect spots for burglars. It is best to keep shrubs trimmed from time to time.

Wait for a holiday time – Majority of burglars are extra cautious during the holiday season. Houses are particularly flooded with presents around Christmas. Burglars find this time perfect to attack.

Innovate ideas – Professional burglars have countless ways to pry on homes. They may set up events to pretend to be a cable installer, a pizza guy, or even a policeman. Home owners must ask for identification from any person who arrives at their doorstep.

Surf the internet – professional burglars work hard to stay one step ahead of the ones trying to catch them. It is incredible to know that even burglars have their own forums on the internet where they discuss tips and tricks to stay out of trouble.

It is not possible for a lay man to be acquainted with every kind of method that a burglar uses to break into a house. It is therefore recommended that homeowners invite a reliable security expert who is updated on the latest burglary methods to inspect their houses.


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