Ways Adopted By A Burglar To Break Into a House

Irrespective of the image that we have of a burglar in our mind, he is really an average looking individual dressed in regular clothes, just like any of us. The average-looking person is, however, quite adept in breaking into a house, any house.

There is absolutely no time in a day when a home is immune from burglaries, since there is no standard practice that burglars follow. Most of burglary cases that were reported to the US Department of Justice in the year 2009 included forcible entry. 32.6% burglars were able to find an easy way, while the others tried foiled attempts.

The ideal way to handle burglars is to pre-empt their plans with confirmed preventive measures. Burglars often look search for or at times they make specific characteristics and situations to break into a house. One must be acquainted with such tricks to prepare themselves for a burglar-attack.

Find a perfect target – Homes with no sign of anyone returning anytime soon are usually perfect targets for burglars. Signs of life are likely to discourage burglars are strategic lighting, TV on timers, and homes appearing occupied during wee hours. Such tricks usually deter a burglar from entering a house. Lights must be on timers. 24/7 lights make it evident that a house is empty.

Find a hiding spot – Even during the broad daylight, it is possible for burglars to look for places to hide. Full-length shrubberies and thick trees near houses are perfect spots for burglars. It is best to keep shrubs trimmed from time to time.

Wait for a holiday time – Majority of burglars are extra cautious during the holiday season. Houses are particularly flooded with presents around Christmas. Burglars find this time perfect to attack.

Innovate ideas – Professional burglars have countless ways to pry on homes. They may set up events to pretend to be a cable installer, a pizza guy, or even a policeman. Home owners must ask for identification from any person who arrives at their doorstep.

Surf the internet – professional burglars work hard to stay one step ahead of the ones trying to catch them. It is incredible to know that even burglars have their own forums on the internet where they discuss tips and tricks to stay out of trouble.

It is not possible for a lay man to be acquainted with every kind of method that a burglar uses to break into a house. It is therefore recommended that homeowners invite a reliable security expert who is updated on the latest burglary methods to inspect their houses.


Should You Trust Your Neighbor?

There are thousands of householders, who are not being able to exercise basic security measures since they have high expectations from their neighbors when it comes to keeping their homes safe from theft and burglaries.

One out of every four people is found to say that the key to feel safe from burglary and other domestic issues is having neighbors who you can trust.

Here are a few things to take care of to avoid events like burglary.

Sensible precautions – We all are blessed with common sense. We just need to apply it in our daily lives. People make common mistakes of leaving their doors unlocked or windows open. Such carelessness could invite burglars and thieves inside your house. Tenants must check with their landlords if there are provisions for extra security measures in their houses.

Protecting your investment – It goes without saying that if you have changed houses, or have shared keys with someone you do not trust anymore or have misplaced your house keys, you must change your locks right away. Homes are typically the single largest investment that people make. Homeowners, who do not have any home insurance, must be careful about protecting their houses. Homeowners with home insurance, on the other hand, must be aware of the fact that unless a burglary shows forced entry, an insurer has every right to question the claim.

Know your neighbors – It is important to stay acquainted with your neighborhood. Once you have an idea about the people staying near your house, it gets easier to track down a stranger around your block. If there is enough communication among neighbors, burglaries and thefts can be kept under check. This certainly does not imply that we need to be best friends with our neighbors. one just needs to have information about who resides in which house, what cars they have, who are their children and things like that. We must always inform our neighbors in case we find someone checking up on their houses.

The Power of Hello – There is no harm in waving a friendly Hello to your neighbors when you see them. Acknowledge people who you do not know, too. It is important to send out the message that you are engaged in your neighborhood and you are attentive to whatever is happening around your house.

Burglar-Proof Your Home

Some of us are always thinking about situations like liquidity crisis. Who would not, in the present credit crisis? However, keeping large amounts of cash in homes has its own repercussions. Safe storage is always a concern.

This infographic will take you from one step to the other and help you to understand how you can effectively burglar-proof your home.

Tips To Discourage Break-Ins

Deadbolt locks came to be used sometime in the 1960s. That is when residential burglaries started to descent. By 1970s, more and more homes started using deadbolts and burglaries went on declining steadily. About 25% of US homes use electronic security systems today. Other anti-burglary measures include unbreakable glass and superior lock technology.

However, even though burglaries are declining, nearly 1.5 million homes were burgled in the year 2006, according to FBI Uniform Crime Reports. Police often go through a tough time in tracking down burglars, thanks to their shockingly notorious minds.

There are actually a few factors that you can keep in your mind when pondering over the prevention of burglaries happening at your home.

Do not be a show-off

No one can disagree that what you leave outside your house can say a lot about your financial position. A bicycle or a scooter in the yard may be a given a pass, but if you leave the carton of a new plasma TV you just bought, you may be inviting onlookers. Also, it might not be a good idea to flash expensive items from your window. While you may want to show them off to your neighbors, you may also be attracting attention of potential burglars.

Think of some tricks

It is common sense that burglars usually do not attempt to break in to houses that look ‘filled in’. So, it is a good idea to create an illusion before leaving your house that someone is still there. Leaving a light on, or the music system or the television are some of the handy measures. If you want to save up on electricity, you can always think about using compact fluorescent lights that last longer.

Do not leave a spare key outside

Leaving house keys outside the door is an idea that has been tried by millions. However, with burglars getting smarter each day, it is high time we should discard this idea. It practically works as an open invitation to a stranger to walk inside. It is a better idea to leave your house key with a trusted neighbor or a friend.

Keep your yard protected

Overgrown shrubs and trees facilitate burglars to hide and wait for an opportunity to get into a house. Now, no one is asking you to get rid of your precious plants. Keeping them manicured, however, is highly recommended. This measure is called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.