Tips To Choose A Deadbolt Lock

The first step of securing your house is to secure your front door. Installing a deadbolt lock on your front door would be one of the wisest decisions you’d take in protecting your house from burglars and other unwanted visitors. So, how exactly should you select the right kind of deadbolt lock for your door?

Security being the biggest headache, you must settle for the best lock that you can afford to buy. Security experts always warn house owners that thieves and burglars often choose locks that are easy to open. Deadbolt locks are that ones the come with as solid bar and slides into a recessed hole. They are better than a simple door lock. Here a few tips that can help you in picking the right deadbolt lock for your house.

ANSI Grade 1
All deadbolt locks are not the same. These include the ones that come with the Grade 1 designation. It is always recommended to choose the locks that are designated as Grade 1 by ANSI. The American National Standards Institute develops standards that are maintained by The Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association.

Security Plates
The security plates that come with longer screws and go inside the wall and are not limited to the door jamb make it difficult to kick in a door. You must ensure that your security plate screws are 3-inches long and have spread-out screw holes.

Key Control
It is better to choose a deadbolt lock that comes with key control. This feature helps you in ascertaining who can make copies of your keys. Key control can prevent people from making copies of your keys. Though they are not fail-safe, but are much safer than non-controlled keys.

Toughened Case Steel
Beveled casings and toughened case steel happen to be more resistant to pliers and hammer blows. Burglars may attempt to twist, pull the lock or hit it. Hardened case steel just make their attempts harder to take effect.

Anti Drill features
Anti-drill features stop thieves and burglars from drilling a lock. In case anyone tries to do so, entrenched case-toughened steel chips present in the lock will destroy the drilling machine.


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