Scared Of Burglars? Think Like A Burglar And Safe-Proof Your House

No one except a burglar can observe the faults in safe-proofing a house since a burglar always watches out for the intricate details of a house before attacking it. So, to be able to adopt maximum safety, one must think like a burglar.

Let’s start with the front of a house. If a gate is open or broken, a burglar will always see it as a plus point. A defective gate works as an invitation to all the opportunists hovering near a house. It is always important to make sure that the outer gate is mended and is kept close. Gates work as a primary psychological barrier to keep burglars at bay.

It has been observed that if a burglar feels that the front of a house is not safe enough, he tends to feel that the back end of the house will be even easier a catch. So, he will try his best to make it to the back of your house.

Very few people are aware of the fact that burglars always glance at the calendar in a house. This helps them plan when to visit a house next.

Burglars have keen senses. They can study the basic habits of the owner of a house just by looking at the set-up of things around a house.

Here are a few handy tips to avoid burglary at your house.

  • Filming every room in a house can help you to remember what is kept where. Such pictures can be helpful in understanding what are the things are missing after a burglary.

  • One of the important ways to prevent burglary is avoidance. Just for an instance, avoid placing a wheelie bin close to your house. A burglar often uses the wheelie bin to get inside the first floor of a house. Also, such bins often act as a filing cabinet. Do not forget to shred all your documents before disposing them off.

  • Always be a part of Neighborhood watch, even if you are not in good terms with your neighbors.

  • Use blinds on kitchen and other rooms. Burglars often learn a lot about a house and the habits of the people living in a house just by looking inside the windows. 


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